Four HR Mistakes that May Come Back to Bite You

As your repair shop grows, you will no doubt be faced with issues along the way. HR issues can be a huge obstacle to growth and the day-to-day running of your business. Adding personnel quickly to meet demand and then attempting to manage the growing team can lead to costly mistakes along the way. As

The Power of Peers

Being involved with peers has a tremendous impact in growing your business and driving growth and success. We engage other companies in the channel. The first step in getting value out of peer groups is to start. So often I hear of people who express interest, and yet, few people actually do something with that

Getting Along With Vendors

Too often we tend to see our relationship with vendors as a confrontational relationship. That is exactly the opposite of the way it should be if we want to succeed. Vendors can help you in many ways, so consider these thoughts: Consolidate purchasing to fewer vendors. There is power in buying from few vendors. By

The Importance of Community

What kinds of things do we get from spending time with our peers? Community provides perspective. Without it you don’t know what “good” is. So many shop owners operate their organizations in a vacuum and have no way to know if they are doing well or not. That is where a peer group comes in.

Are You Ready?

We never think it will happen to us. But bad things happen to people every day. And if you think it won’t happen to you, look out. We all need to get some plans in place so that we are ready for whatever life throws at us. As business owners, it is one thing for