The Power of Peer Groups

Most shop owners share the same story – they were good at what they did, and one day woke up running a business and leading a team of employees without any idea what that really meant. So they struggle with sales, marketing, HR, finance, training, service delivery, management, etc. But the key thing about peer

Why Do You Own Your Own Business?

Let’s tackle some of the common issues that most small businesses face today. We have to cut to the core and admit that unless the business works for us, all we really have is a job. We must admit that if things don’t go on when we are away – if we are tied to

Lessons for Leaders

Lesson #1 – Nothing Happens Until Somebody Steps up to Lead Think about that. It is really the way things are. A lot of people have great ideas, can dream big plans, come up with fantastic ways to do marvelous things – but until someone steps up and leads – it is just theory and

Management or Leadership?

This is an age-old discussion – what the role is of a manager vs. a leader. >/p> Warren Bennis has likely done more to popularize this distinction than anyone else. He wrote in Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader that “There is a profound difference between management and leadership, and both are

9 Rapid Response Steps to Handle Cash Flow Issues

Cash flow issues can be very challenging to manage. They can show up unexpectedly. They can come on very quickly. They can distract the business owner from the important work he or she should be doing. They can disrupt the ability of the company to function. And in their most severe form, they can cause