Guerrilla Shop Management

Guerrilla Shop Management

We’re Here to Help Kick Shop Owners into High Gear

Do you dread going to work? Do you want more time off?

Are you working too many hours? Are you earning the income you want?


RLO Training coaches and trains shops to run smoothly and profitably.

This highly effective interactive webinar training is for shop owners and managers. The 12-week training program meets twice per week for two hours (48 hours total) and consists of five elements:

  1. Business Planning >> Learn how to create a comprehensive business plan and insure long term success.
  2. Labor Inventory >> Gain the knowledge and skills to master implementing the number one process leading to success in the auto repair business–the purchasing and reselling of technician labor inventory.
  3. Financial & Operations >> Understand the numbers in order to control and improve daily operations.
  4. Staffing & Compensation >> Find and retain good people, which is a crucial component to success.
  5. Marketing & Advertising >> Learn how to build an advertising planner and build the proper strategy for your market. With the proper plan in place you will attract more customers.

Are you tired of doing the same thing with the same result? Does the business own you? Do you dread going to the shop every day?

It shouldn’t be this way. Stop asking yourself, “Is this worth it?” RLO Training has practical training to make the business work for you. Surround yourself with others who have taken back their life, love going to work, and are making a difference.

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