Service Advisor Training

Service Advisor Training

Bridging the Gap Between Customers–RLO Training

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It was incredible! Not only did I leave the training with several useful ideas and tools, but I actually enjoyed and looked forward to going the second day. It was motivational and inspired me to really dig in and commit to learning how to be the best sales person and provide the best experience for my customers that I can. -Ashley at Bret’s Autoworks

Gaining the Necessary Skills to Advise

Your repair shop’s key position is the Service Advisor. We understand that customers come to you with a specific need in mind and the service advisor is the first line of defense. RLO Training understands how important this position is to the success of your shop. Communication and listening intently are vital in any relationship. It’s especially important with the Customer-Service Advisor relationship because they each could be speaking two different languages. Of course, the service advisor will have a higher level of automotive technical understanding. And often, the customer is coming with minimal understanding of a symptom. That’s all a good service advisor will need to build that bridge to the technician that will solve all their performance issues. Keeping the shop running smoothly is usually the responsibility of an experienced Service Advisor. There is a lot to be gained from simply being on the floor for 20 and 30 years. If you don’t have that long to get your service advisor up to the highest standards, then use our service advisor training to make sure your shop runs smoothly. The service advisor is invaluable to a repair shop. This could easily be the position that determines whether you have a customer-for-life or first time-last time visitor.

Does your Service Advisor

  • Properly answer phone?
  • Know how to handle price shoppers?
  • Ask for appointments when the phone rings?
  • Sell needed services?

Do YOU have time to train them?

RLO Training coaches and trains shops to run smoothly and profitably.

Workshop Titles:

  • Service Advisor Skills
  • Advanced Selling Skills for the Service Advisor
  • Service Advisor Mastery Program

Your Service Advisor has a variety of learning opportunities through workshops and courses. Since you are a business, your ultimate goal is to make money. Of all shop employees, the service advisor is in the best position to offer quality products and services. Customers are usually unaware of what they need for their vehicle’s quality performance and need a service advisor to let them know. However, he or she must be trustworthy. As with any salesman, the customer must feel safe in the Service Advisor’s care and counsel. Our courses include 5-days all-inclusive sessions of intense Service Advisor training. There’s a variety of services that you offer that are valuable to the customer and the longevity of their vehicle. The only thing separating them from getting the services they need is the Service Advisor. We also teach Service Advisors the skills common to most salesmen, including how to overcome objections, pricing issues, and customer complaints. These can all be seen stumbling blocks but RLO Training wants to show you how to turn them into opportunities.

Advanced Skills For Service Advisors!

We’re offering advanced level workshops for experienced and novice Service Advisors. You’ll enjoy an abundance of information and insight to take with you back to your shop. Shop owners should never discount the importance of a properly trained Service Advisor. Just as important as the certified technician is a well-educated service advisor. We’ll show you how to improve profitability, customer retention, and productivity through our Service Advisor training sessions. Give us a call today at 800-755-0988 to find out how we can enhance your shop’s overall efficiency with our Service Advisor training workshops and courses.

Are you tired of doing the same thing with the same result? Does the business own you? Do you dread going to the shop every day?

It shouldn’t be this way. Stop asking yourself, “Is this worth it?” RLO Training has practical training to make the business work for you. Surround yourself with others who have taken back their life, love going to work, and are making a difference.

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