5 Tips to Tackling Your Problems

1. Stop pointing fingers.
We are prone to do that. Blame somebody, anybody for any problems or bad situations we’re in. But if you are continually focusing on how bad something is, it won’t help to fix it. We need to find the things we can focus on that are good and start working together to improve the situation. The sooner we focus on what “is” working, the sooner we can put problems behind us.
2. Elevate your attitude.
“Attitude is everything.” We can choose to be victims, or we can seize the opportunity. I prefer the latter. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed and paralyzed by a bad situation. As a leader in your home, company, church, etc, a positive attitude is extremely important.
3. Accurately identify the problem.
This goes back to number one. You can blame problems in your business on the economy, politics, etc, but the opportunity lies in identifying the needs of your customers, and helping them address those needs. That means spending time reaching out, getting feedback, and LISTENING to your customers.
4. Partner, partner, partner.
The way we thrive in any tough situation is to do it together. We will struggle if we try to weather the storm alone. We need each other to survive and thrive. That is the key to peer groups and having community. We can learn from, get encouraged by, share great ideas and best practices with, and just plain work together if we are connected. I am convinced that those who do best in their businesses understand the value of their peers and partnering. There is no time like now to step your partnerships up a notch. Reach out to folks and connect.
5. Tune in, not out.
We need to connect and listen more than ever. Our tendency is to pull back, and cut everything if we’re in a tricky situation. But we need to be with our customers, partners, vendors, and peers to listen and learn. We need to pay close attention to what they say and not make assumptions on what they are feeling. Sometimes we tend to make decisions for others without ever asking. How wrong that can be. We need to make sure we are tuned in and listen well.

These 5 simple thoughts are a great place to start changing how we look at things. You might be facing difficulties in your business, but you will survive and get through them. That is most effectively done when we tackle those problems together. Are you an auto repair shop owner looking to join a peer group? If so, contact RLO Training today at 800-755-0988, and we’ll help you start improving your business today!

Written by RLO Training