6 Signs You’re a Bad Manager

Most people in a management position think they are a great manager. Not just good — great!

The unfortunate truth is that most managers are far from great. It’s the rare individual that can look at themselves and see their shortcomings.

So if you manage others in an auto repair shop, you should check yourself for any of these six signs that you’re a bad boss.

1. You’re Supposedly Surrounded by Idiots

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Seriously, these morons will never amount to anything. And what’s the deal with the younger generation … do they care about anything?

If you believe you’re surrounded by idiots, then beware: the problem isn’t them. It’s you. Why? Let’s look at the three reasons why you would feel this way:

  • You are a control freak that is always right
  • You don’t have the patience to train and teach
  • You actually do have subpar employees (in which case why haven’t you fired them yet?)

As you can see, all three point to one person.

2. Your company or team is underperforming.

Sorry to burst your bubble. If you’re not hitting your goals then more often than not the issue can be traced back to poor management.

3. You only delegate tasks

Delegation is critical for managers, but bad bosses think this means dumping menial tasks off of their plate and onto their employees. Good bosses delegate responsibility, not tasks. This creates professional growth opportunities for your employees who are eager to be held accountable.

4. You lose your cool when it hits the fan.

After the Titanic had hit the iceberg, no one saw Captain Smith running around the ship screaming and yelling at his crew (and he had a life-threatening situation on his hands.)

Your team needs to know that everything will be alright. They need to know that they can make a mistake. Managers that lose it when things go wrong create an environment where people don’t innovate! They will always play it safe so as to avoid your wrath. And this slows company growth.

5. You never say, “good job.”

Money isn’t the only reason people work. Integrity and pride in oneself are critically important factors in job satisfaction. Recognition for a job well done is a huge motivator. Good managers know this.

6. You get defensive when people ask questions

Bad managers want everyone to think they are infallible. This self-imposed pressure, to be a perfect superhuman, translates into overreacting when questioned. Good managers welcome questions and encourage input from their team.

If you’ve recognized some of these signs in yourself, don’t despair! You can become a great manager with training, effort, and time. RLO Training offers a twelve-week course on management, and our Bottom-Line Impact Groups are another great place to strengthen your management muscles. Call us today to learn more!

Written by RLO Training