Advanced Selling Skills

Learn Advanced Skills For The Automotive Industry

Your Service Advisor is good.
Are you ready for them to be great?

”It was incredible! Not only did I leave the training with several useful ideas and tools, but I actually enjoyed and looked forward to going the second day. It was motivational and inspired me to really dig in and commit to learning how to be the best sales person and provide the best experience for my customers that I can.” -Ashley at Bret’s Autoworks

Send them to the most innovative, interactive five-day training workshop ever created for the Service Advisor.

  • Develop new sales strategies
  • Increase your profits
  • Close more sales
  • Overcome objections
  • Improve customer retention rate

We handle everything: lodging, meals, the works

For this all-inclusive 5-day in-person workshop, we provide ground transportation to and from the airport and our training location, first-class lodging, all your meals and snacks, personalized workshop binder, and all workshop materials.

5 Days of Intense Training

You will learn advanced methods to sell:

  • Vehicle inspections
  • Factory-scheduled maintenance
  • Diagnostic time profitably
  • OE parts and holding your non-OE customary margins
  • Promotional credit and extended service contracts

Also learn to master:

  • Overcoming common objections like pricing issues
  • Proven up-selling techniques
  • Building hours-per-RO (HPRO)
  • Telephone closing techniques
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Handling difficult customers

  • And much, much more!
  • Questions? Call 385-238-4534 to learn more!

    Please note: This is one of the most advanced, intense “heavy-hitter” workshops directed specifically toward Service Advisors and is presented in a face-to-face format only.

    This course is worth 80 AMI credits, and is for Service Advisors, Managers, or Owners.

    Classes fill up fast. Reserve your spot today!

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