Be Memorable in Meetings

You are a leader. Why not be a memorable one? Do things to set yourself apart as a leader and create memorable moments.

An important part of being memorable as a leader is listening well, making certain your people feel valued, and having meetings that are productively interactive. However there are some little things you can do to increase your memorability in meetings also. Here are some ideas:

    1. Bring gifts. $10-$15 gift cards are a gift that can be effective, especially if you match them to the interests of each meeting participant.
    2. Bring treats. Consider bringing high quality treats such as See’s Candies chocolate (high quality, not some cheap brand), brownies, or other treats from a classy bakery, or anything that is classy but not too expensive.
    3. Tell great stories. If you are on a tight budget, be prepared with one or more great stories to tell. If you think others tell stories better than you, work with your storytellers before the meeting and weave their participation into your agenda.

Now obviously, you don’t have to bring everyone a gift at each of your meetings, particularly if you hold weekly meetings. But maybe once or twice a month, bring a gift or two as a prize for those people who are always eager to participate (but be careful of always selecting the same people – spread the love!). These incentives should also encourage your staff to actively engage in your meetings, and potentially in the rest of their work as well. Of course, treats and stories will always be appreciated, no matter how frequent your meetings. And all of these tips transfer just as well to any other meetings you attend.

Life is way too short to be boring. Be memorable!

Written by RLO Training