Expense Management Strategies – Part Two

  Monthly and Recurring Expenses   Last time, we talked about the road less traveled of routes to profitability:  employing expense management strategies.  We explored several strategies, such as rental spaces, website hosting, and purchasing policy.  Today, we are going to look at more ways to strategize your monthly and recurring expenses, starting with shop

Expense Management Strategies

There are three main routes to profitability — increasing sales, increasing gross profits, and reducing operating expenses.  For the most part, shop owners diligently travel the first two routes, but for most shop owners, employing expense management strategies is the road less traveled. There are many ways to tackle the task of expense management.  Basically,

Five Tips for Living More Fully

The average life expectancy is higher now than it ever has been in history.  In the last 100 or so years, average life expectancy has increased by about 30 years.  But instead of utilizing all the amazing ways we could live our whole lives, so many people decide to overwork themselves until they reach retirement,

Three Simple Ways to Make Sure you Don’t Break During a Crisis

  What I want to talk about today is leading and living through the biggest crisis of our lives – an unprecedented global change.  I have a sense that almost nothing will the same again – certainly not in 2021. I am guessing you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.  You barely have time to read this. 

Seven Myths That Can Ruin Your Life

written by Dr. Peter van Breda   Maybe you play this little game. Every Monday (or every first of the month or every new year) you say to yourself, “This will be different.  I’m finally going to crush my to do list/get to the gym/be home with my family for dinner/not be overwhelmed.”  And before