Changing Your Business Model – Part Three

The Final Parts to a Modern Business Model   While we’ve talked about business models of the past and how to begin transitioning your business model to keep pace with the changing industry, it’s time to finish looking at the personnel that could potentially be included in a new business model as well as revenue

Changing Your Business Model – Part Two

Keeping Pace with a Changing Industry   We talked about the current vision and business model in the first post, which you can find here if you missed it.  So, let’s take a look at the new business model and what your shop needs to thrive in today’s industry:   The New Business Model  

Changing Your Business Model – Part One

The Only Constant is Change   The last year or so has certainly brought about many changes in the world of business, many of which had a profound effect on the independent auto repair industry. Conducting business and viably competing in the new marketplace is requiring additional ownership skills, more staff, more working capital, more

Expense Management Strategies — Part Three

More Tips for Managing Monthly and Recurring Expenses   In Part Two, we talked about more ways that shops can save with expense management strategies.  This week, we’re looking at some of the final pieces of managing expenses, from things as small as office supplies to costs as big as travel and parts.  If you’re

Expense Management Strategies – Part Two

  Monthly and Recurring Expenses   Last time, we talked about the road less traveled of routes to profitability:  employing expense management strategies.  We explored several strategies, such as rental spaces, website hosting, and purchasing policy.  Today, we are going to look at more ways to strategize your monthly and recurring expenses, starting with shop