Marketing Strategies — Part One

   The way auto repair shops conduct business is changing because of a dramatically changing marketplace.  You can’t take business for granted anymore; there are far too many competitors for the same dollar.    Marketing — defined as the process of buying and selling in a market — includes almost every aspect of your business, from

Sales & Profits Down? Time to Revisit the Basics!

Even though we are slowly coming out of the shutdowns caused by COVID-19, most shops today report that car counts are still down, which can make times feel tough.  Shops that maintain or increase their sales and profits in tough economic times all have one thing in common:  they understand and monitor the basics of

The Value of Your Peer Relationships

Almost all of us in the automotive industry have experienced some level of upheaval during the Coronavirus pandemic, and we can expect this uncertainty to continue in the economy for a while longer.  During this time, we have been looking for stability and ways to get through this situation. We have found that our members