Retaining Qualified Technicians – Part 2

  Do you have issues with technician retention?  Most shop owners would say “Yes!”  Last time, we talked about why a tech might want to leave their position and seek work elsewhere.  Today, we are addressing how to get good techs to stay working with you.   Track Performance Externally and Internally     Shop

Retaining Qualified Technicians

    Are you having difficulty retaining qualified techs?  The majority of auto repair shop owners in North America respond to this question with an emphatic “Yes!“   Are you a determined and progressive shop owner, manager, or professional technician dedicated to your career?  If so, read on!   Technician retention is a two-way street.  A

Are You Prepared to Compete? — Workflow Processes

    Last time, we talked about how important it is to train your technicians and service advisors, so that your shop can compete and succeed during tough times.  Click here if you missed that article.  It is equally important to have standard operating procedures in place for your shop, particularly when it comes to crucial workflow

Are you Prepared to Compete?

  Put Yourself in a Position to Succeed     Too many auto shops have been driven out of business by merely hoping that adverse market conditions that have slowed their business down will reverse themselves.  A shop must be well-prepared in order to survive and prosper in tough times.    Shop owners often inform