15 Critical Daily Functions to be Successful in Your Shop | Pt 2

Today, we will be continuing our look at 15 critical daily functions to be successful in your shop. To read the first part of this article, which contains the first 5 daily functions, please click here. 6. REPAIR ORDER AUDITING It is vital to audit your repair orders. Observations indicate that overall, the industry could

15 Critical Daily Functions to be Successful in Your Shop | PT 1

Most of the world’s population would agree that humans are creatures of habit, and that once we fall into a habitual routine, it is quite often very difficult for us to make a change, even if it would lead to significantly less business stress, smoother operations, and more profitability. Recent observations in our industry indicate

The Well-Trained, Well-Equipped Service Advisor

The vast majority of service advisors at independent shops are both ill-equipped and poorly trained. That can severely limit a shop’s chances of successfully competing in today’s marketplace. New-car dealerships have pulled out all the stops to acquire and retain the service business for the the vehicles they sell. They’re also repairing and servicing other

19 Things To Do If Business is Slow

Repair shops have to be aggressive about acquiring enough business to not only sustain themselves, but to grow as well. Following are some ideas for your service advisor to utilize on daily basis to keep business coming in the door: 1. Review your workload and reschedule future appointments for today or tomorrow. Customers are often

Is Your Service Advisor Selling Everything They Can?

Last week, we talked about the most important skills and abilities of a Service Advisor. This week, join us as we cover the facets of the job that are most important for a Service Advisor to master. Vehicle Inspection All shops should be focusing on performing vehicle inspections, and the responsibility for selling those inspections