Are You Prepared to Compete? — Workflow Processes

    Last time, we talked about how important it is to train your technicians and service advisors, so that your shop can compete and succeed during tough times.  Click here if you missed that article.  It is equally important to have standard operating procedures in place for your shop, particularly when it comes to crucial workflow

Are you Prepared to Compete?

  Put Yourself in a Position to Succeed     Too many auto shops have been driven out of business by merely hoping that adverse market conditions that have slowed their business down will reverse themselves.  A shop must be well-prepared in order to survive and prosper in tough times.    Shop owners often inform

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies — Part Three

  Marketing is absolutely crucial to your shop’s success.  In the last couple of posts, we’ve taken a look at some highly effective marketing strategies, which should definitely be part of your formal marketing plan.  Click here to read Part One, and click here for Part Two.  Today, we’re going to finish up our marketing tips by analyzing

Marketing Strategies — Part One

   The way auto repair shops conduct business is changing because of a dramatically changing marketplace.  You can’t take business for granted anymore; there are far too many competitors for the same dollar.    Marketing — defined as the process of buying and selling in a market — includes almost every aspect of your business, from