What’s Your Competition Doing?

    While you’re busy fixing cars, some of your competitors may be eating away at your customer base.  Here’s how to use competitive intelligence to regain the advantage and improve your market position.    The auto repair industry is experiencing significant and swift changes in its customer base.  Newer vehicles are lasting longer and

Best Practices to Avoid Being Caught by Phishing

    In our last blog post, we talked about the dangers of phishing, and the types of scams cyber criminals like to use.  These criminals are constantly finding new ways to compromise businesses.  We hope you implement these best practices, which will help protect your business operations and employees from cyber crime.    Best

Don’t be Caught by Phishing

  Software was installed on your computer, and now you’re being held for ransom.  Customer data has been stolen from your database.  Money has been inadvertently transferred to a fake vendor account by one of your employees. This is phishing.  Has any of this happened to you? Cyber crime is a growing threat to all

Creating a Successful Business Plan – The Contents, Part 2

    For our last two posts, we have been delving into Business Plans — both why they are so important, and what should be contained in every business plan.  Last time, we started to take a look at those contents, and today, we are finishing up with the last several sections — Business Objectives,

Creating a Successful Business Plan — The Contents

    Last time, we talked about why it is so important to develop a business plan, and we also shared some tips for developing your plan.  Click here to read Part One of this article.  Today, we are diving much deeper, and looking individually at every element of your business plan and what it needs to