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Expense Management Strategies – Part Two

April 7th, 2021 by

  Monthly and Recurring Expenses   Last time, we talked about the road less traveled of routes to profitability:  employing expense management strategies.  We explored several strategies, such as rental spaces, website hosting, and purchasing policy.  Today, we are going to look at more ways to strategize your monthly and recurring expenses, starting with shop

Expense Management Strategies

March 24th, 2021 by

There are three main routes to profitability — increasing sales, increasing gross profits, and reducing operating expenses.  For the most part, shop owners diligently travel the first two routes, but for most shop owners, employing expense management strategies is the road less traveled. There are many ways to tackle the task of expense management.  Basically,

Five Tips for Living More Fully

March 10th, 2021 by

The average life expectancy is higher now than it ever has been in history.  In the last 100 or so years, average life expectancy has increased by about 30 years.  But instead of utilizing all the amazing ways we could live our whole lives, so many people decide to overwork themselves until they reach retirement,

Seven Myths That Can Ruin Your Life

February 10th, 2021 by

written by Dr. Peter van Breda   Maybe you play this little game. Every Monday (or every first of the month or every new year) you say to yourself, “This will be different.  I’m finally going to crush my to do list/get to the gym/be home with my family for dinner/not be overwhelmed.”  And before

Best Practices to Avoid Being Caught by Phishing

December 30th, 2020 by

    In our last blog post, we talked about the dangers of phishing, and the types of scams cyber criminals like to use.  These criminals are constantly finding new ways to compromise businesses.  We hope you implement these best practices, which will help protect your business operations and employees from cyber crime.    Best

Don’t be Caught by Phishing

December 16th, 2020 by

  Software was installed on your computer, and now you’re being held for ransom.  Customer data has been stolen from your database.  Money has been inadvertently transferred to a fake vendor account by one of your employees. This is phishing.  Has any of this happened to you? Cyber crime is a growing threat to all

Creating a Successful Business Plan — The Contents

November 18th, 2020 by

    Last time, we talked about why it is so important to develop a business plan, and we also shared some tips for developing your plan.  Click here to read Part One of this article.  Today, we are diving much deeper, and looking individually at every element of your business plan and what it needs to

Retaining Qualified Technicians – Part 2

October 21st, 2020 by

  Do you have issues with technician retention?  Most shop owners would say “Yes!”  Last time, we talked about why a tech might want to leave their position and seek work elsewhere.  Today, we are addressing how to get good techs to stay working with you.   Track Performance Externally and Internally     Shop

Retaining Qualified Technicians

October 7th, 2020 by

    Are you having difficulty retaining qualified techs?  The majority of auto repair shop owners in North America respond to this question with an emphatic “Yes!“   Are you a determined and progressive shop owner, manager, or professional technician dedicated to your career?  If so, read on!   Technician retention is a two-way street.  A