Find Email Annoying? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

A lot of business owners I speak with say they’re annoyed by email, and hesitate to send it to their prospects or clients so they don’t get annoyed too.

I’m pushing back on this.

Email is only annoying when it’s not relevant (helpful, entertaining, interesting). I’d argue that all marketing is that way — not just email!

So, if you’re not doing email because it bugs you, or if you are sending email but doubt its effectiveness, read on!

Email is Direct and Personal

Email is still one of the best ways to get directly in front of your audience. Everyone checks their email, and nearly 25% of people open emails within an hour of receiving them.

It’s also extremely personal. You can personalize your subject line, your introduction, and you can even customize other pieces of information you might already know about your prospect such as last name, phone number, or even the type of remodeling project they are interested in.

You’re Not Annoying if You’re Helpful

I don’t know about you, but depending on who sends them, there are some emails I open every single time and read all the way through. But there are some that I delete right away. Why?

Those email senders have trained me to do so. If an email has content I like, I’ll read it all. I’ll click every link. I’ll spend time with it. I’ll enjoy it.

If the email has content that’s irrelevant to me — my life or my work — I delete it. I may not even take the time to unsubscribe, just delete it and move on with my day.

Every email you send is training your audience to open your next email or to delete your next email. You’re training them how to respond.

So I encourage you to think about the really good emails you get. Let’s send more email like that!

Send Lots of Email

f you’re sending great email, you can’t send enough of it. Each email that genuinely gets opened and read is another touch point for your brand. And if your content is really great, your audience will love it. They’ll also come to know, like, and trust you — which is essential in marketing and sales.

At our company, we send one email every week or so. Not all of it resonates with everyone, but we strive to make each email helpful, educational, or entertaining. I know we’re on the right track when I get a call from someone who says they’ve been getting our emails for a while and they finally decided to reach out.

The same will happen for you if you’re consistent, and you add value.

How to Get Started

“But… I don’t know what to write about!” The easiest way to get started is to answer questions. People that have never been into your shop before (even people who have), have lots of questions. LOTS!

  • How much will this cost? (you can give rough ranges of certain services)
  • How do I keep my car running great between services? (give tips and tutorials)
  • How often should I come in for service?
  • Coupons are also great

The list goes on and on. And if someone is trying to be a good car owner, and you’re answering their questions, then you’re building trust. This is how you’ll beat a lot of your competitors. They may not even contact your competitors because you’ve been helping them every step of the way.

Written by RLO Training