Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads

Reasons Why You Would Choose Google AdWords

Google AdWords are perfect for trying to pull in those who are searching specifically for your services. At this point, a click is already a lead.

When using pay-per-click, you are bidding with others to pay for each click of specific keywords. For example, if you are bidding on the keyword “Seattle auto repair,” you may run into some pretty stiff competition since there are likely hundreds of Seattle repair shops who want to appear in Google for the same keywords. In some instances, you can pay for $1.50 – $6+ for a similar keyword.

Facebook’s cost for a click is still typically below $1.50 because it doesn’t have the same authority for searches as Google, and its clicks aren’t based on keywords but rather by the audience you build. One key to note is that when you are paying for a click on Google AdWords, however, is that this person is already a lead because they are searching specifically for your keyword.

Another way to set up Google AdWords is to ensure that anytime a user searches your company name in Google that you are the top result. This naturally will cost far less because there will be no competition or bidding wars for your company name. If you set up “John Doe’s Auto Repair” to always to direct to, then you can guarantee that anytime a user searches for you, they will find you.

You can also set up “re-targeting.”

Once a user clicks on one of your ads, they will continue to show up in other places online. You may have noticed that after clicking an ad for premium yoga mats on Google, suddenly they’re in every article you read and even on Facebook. This is a major benefit to Google AdWords – once a user shows interest, the ad continues to follow them in an effort to increase conversion rates. You can also set up re-targeting on Facebook that functions very similarly after a user has clicked on the ad.

Another good reason to use Google AdWords is if your SEO isn’t working well yet. Rather than waiting for organic search to slowly increase as you build out your blog or content pages, you can direct traffic to your blog subscription page. This will increase your page views, which is a strategic move to tell Google that the page is relevant and deserves to show up in more searches.

This method is like investing in protein shakes to improve your workout so that you can get in better shape – Google AdWords are like the protein shakes because they improve your SEO (your workout) which will get your website in better shape.

How Do Facebook Ads and Google AdWords Work Together?

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords do not need to work together, nor do they have to be used completely separately. Since they are targeting largely separate audiences, they do not interfere with one another or create large overlaps.

Facebook Ads are great at showcasing your awards, recent projects, and other brand awareness topics. They are targeting people who may not even be searching for auto repair shops yet but have shown an interest in related topics like diy car care, detailing, or any related publications or TV shows. This audience, however, can be narrowed down to the right region to the zip code, number of kids, income range, employer, and other buyer persona details.

Google AdWords are perfect for pulling in traffic that is already searching for what you have to offer. This audience is likely engaged and actively seeking auto repair services, but they may not be ready to make a decision yet. They’re gathering information and researching companies, costs, and more.

Both advertising tools are deeply powerful and can grow your business when harnessed properly.

Written by RLO Training