Growth Through Peer Groups

When group members are committed to going above and beyond for one another, we are on a very good path. The key to making peer groups work is to continually build relationships. This isn’t a week every quarter kind of deal. You need to reach out to your fellow group members weekly or even daily if that is what is needed. You are accountable to each other – not for the three days you meet in person three times each year – but 24/7/365. Accountability doesn’t turn off and on. It is always on. We need to stay very focused on that. Without accountability, you do what you want when you get around to it. So we need to keep the peer pressure on and continue to drive each other to execution. That is what peer groups are all about.

And as with all things, change happens and sometimes people struggle to adapt. There are over 100 shops involved in our Bottom Line Impact Groups, and at least that many ideas and personalities, and it is very possible that not every person will be happy all the time. Some are driven by money, some schedule, some personal wishes, some just want it their way. But the thing I encourage you to remember is this: the Bottom Line Impact Groups are not about you. The Groups are about community and not any single member. It is about making an impact in each member’s business, leadership, and life. That happens in different ways and at a different speed for each, but make no mistake about it, we are focused on driving change. We will be a disruptive change in your business and life. For some that is uncomfortable. To you I apologize in advance, but want you to know the pursuit will continue.

Here are a few tips to remember:

1. Pursuing perfection requires that we be willing to be uncomfortable. If you are always striving to get better, then you are always growing. You have to embrace discomfort as part of your growth process.

2. Those who want to be average and good like to be comfortable. But you are either getting better or getting worse – there is no standing still.

3. 5% of our life is made up of performance, but 95% is spent preparing, practicing, and waiting to perform. We have to be disciplined in the 95%.

4. To succeed, we need to focus on improving each day. We have to take necessary action steps to get better each day, week, month, and year.

5. Ask yourself each day – what do I need to do today to create the success and outcomes I desire?

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Written by RLO Training