How Community Works

There is nothing with more power to change a business or a life than being part of a vibrant community. Community works. It changes people and businesses. And the reality is that it is one of the few real ways to see consistent and repeatable growth occur.

One of the things I have heard somewhat regularly relates to the value of communities. It seems some people think that they have already learned all they can from their peers in the community they belong to. First of all, I highly doubt that to be the case. There is always more we can learn. But when business are doing really well, some business owners are not sure it is worth the time to continue to participate in their community any longer. They think have gotten all they can squeeze out of their participation, so they drop out of their peer group.

    1. When I have these conversations, I realize there has been a failure to communicate. Community is not about you taking what you want from others. Community is about giving what you know to others. It is about sharing life.
    2. So when is it time for you to move on from your community?
    3. You have given all you know and helped every member in your group apply and be successful with it.
    4. You have clearly defined your business, leadership, life, and legacy plans and shared that with all stakeholders so they have an understanding.
    5. You are executing as a CEO thinker and not mired down in day-to-day problems and issues.
    6. You have reached your goals, achieved your dreams, and accomplished what you believe is most important.

Having a great quarter, signing a big contract, selling more than ever before, enjoying success at the moment – those are all great things and definitely part of any community’s mission. But that isn’t the end game. The question is – have you given all you can in a way that helps every person you touch become much better because they know you? Are you pouring your life into the important things – your spouse, family, and anything else you say is important? Do you LIVE the way you talk? Vision without execution applies just as equally in areas of life and leadership as it does in achieving your business plan.

As you attend whatever community events you are part of – I hope you will come with a focus on what you can give rather than what you are going to take away. Put your focus on the giving. The receiving will take care of itself. Being a Go-Giver requires us to focus on the other person – not me, myself and I. If you’re still focusing on yourself, it’s probably not time to move on quite yet. You still have a lot of work to do in your group!

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Written by RLO Training