How To Immediately Become A Better Leader

Here’s a quick tip to address how to immediately become a better leader: Something that we notice about business leaders compared to non-business leaders is that business leaders talk all the time. But if you want to be a better leader immediately, and you want to get more results out of your people and out of your organization, you have to shut up and listen sometimes.

Listen to the people who work with and for you. Go around to everybody in your shop – management, service advisors, sales, parts, techs, etc – it doesn’t matter what position they are. Start asking them questions and listening to them. Because guess what? The people that are actually doing all the jobs at your shop will have all kinds of great ideas for making improvements.

When you ask questions and listen to the other people in your shop, each of those people will actually have the power to make little things happen. And those little things quickly add up into big things.

Implement their ideas, utilize their different points of view. They are seeing things that you’ve probably never noticed, and by using their perspective, you can really turn your business around and make huge improvements.

Written by RLO Training