Let’s Talk About Your Role as a Leader: PT 2

Last time we talked about defining the vision, mission, and core values of your company. This month we’re going to discuss how to translate your vision, mission, and core values into a successful company culture.

Develop, Maintain, and Model the Culture of the Company

Culture is defined as “the training and development of the mind; the social and religious structures and intellectual and artistic manifestations, etc.”

A company has a living culture whether it is defined or not. The right culture within a company can create a competitive advantage, help attract and retain top performers, and help the company increase profits.

However, sometimes an unfavorable culture is created unconsciously. This unfavorable culture may encourage gossiping, unfair treatment, poor customer relations, and more. No one wants this, so it’s up to you as the leader to make sure that the culture in your company is positive and that it focuses on the types of core values that are important to you.

Here are some ways to determine your existing culture and enhance the positive atmosphere you really want:

  • Ask your employees what they feel are the core values of the company today.
  • Survey your parts suppliers to see how they see your company.
  • Develop an action plan to change or enhance your company’s current culture.
  • Think about what core values are important to you and communicate these to your team.
  • Develop company “stories” that exemplify the values of the company.
  • Walk your talk. Lead by example by modeling behavior that supports the values.
  • Use the company culture and stated values to help you attract new hires who fit the organization.

How’s your company culture? Are you in need of some culture experts? Call RLO Training and let us help you define and implement your culture strategy!

Written by RLO Training