RLO Training & the Bottom Line Impact Groups

RLO Training is built upon the idea that peers working together and investing in each other can impact our businesses, leadership, and life. The purpose of our Bottom Line Impact Groups is to drive value into our member shops and collectively raise the value of everyone’s businesses as we apply sound business principles and execute those in a culture of accountability. That value should take a couple forms. First the valuation of member companies should be higher than those of the industry when a member decides to sell or pass on their business. We believe that peer-to-peer interaction causes our members to grow more quickly and profitably than the industry at large. It is our belief that because of the way Group members collaborate, execute, and manage through accountability relationships, their company has more value than the one down the street.

Operating in a culture of accountability is a competitive advantage for owners and managers in the auto repair industry. The personal board of directors that being part of a peer group provides causes behavior that does not occur without accountability. That behavior changes companies, leadership, and lives. That is evident through observing hundreds of interactions and measuring the impact of goals and execution.

As Thomas Edison once said “vision without execution is hallucination”. It does no good to learn without doing. The Bottom Line Impact Group meetings are focused on driving that execution. The Groups meet in person three times each year, and each time, every Group member has to set three goals which need to be completed by the next meeting. At the next meeting, the Group members hold each other accountable to ensure that each member has completed their goals. Peer pressure works equally well on business owners as it does on the playground in kindergarten. RLO Training is focused on creating an environment of positive peer pressure that drives change.

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Written by RLO Training