Something to Think About

A business is like an orchestra. Most businesses start out as a soloist. There is someone who is very good, who then surrounds themselves with a few others like them and creates a small ensemble.

This ensemble is made up of several stars that agree to play together with some loose direction. But to really succeed, they need to become an orchestra with a conductor who will lead the group of extremely gifted players down a single path, focused on the end result of playing perfectly together.

What a powerful illustration! This is so true of small businesses today. The different transitions are the hard part. That final transition to becoming an orchestra is the biggest change, as everyone has to be willing to give up their own desire to be a star in order to give their all to the entire group. When this is done right, the sound will always be better than any one player alone.

Are you a soloist, part of a small ensemble, or are you building an orchestra? There can only be one conductor when you have an orchestra, and all the other players have to focus completely on doing the best they can to follow the lead and excel at their part of the playing the score. That is how a fine tuned company needs to run. Are you doing it that way? Now is the time to make it happen.

Written by RLO Training