Want to Have More? Be Willing to Change

Entrepreneur Jim Rohn said:

“Here’s the great challenge of life – You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. I have found that income seldom will exceed your own personal development. Once in a while income takes a lucky jump, but unless you grow out to where it is, it will go back to where you are. Somebody once said if you took all the money in the world and divided it among everyone equally; it would soon be back in the same pockets. However, you can have more because you can become more. You see, here is how the other side of the coin reads – unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got. The marketing plan won’t do it. It’s a good plan but it won’t work without you. You’ve got to work it. It is the human effort that counts. If you could send a sales manual out to recruit – wouldn’t that be lovely? The major thing that makes the difference is what YOU do.

In order to have more, you need to become more. The guy says “If I had a good job I would really pour it on, but I have this lousy job so I just goof off.” If that is your philosophy, you are destined to stay there. Some people say if I had a lot of money I would be really generous, but I don’t have much so I’m not generous. See, you’ve got to change that philosophy or you will never have “the lots of money.” Unless YOU change, IT won’t change. Amazingly, however, when we throw out our blame list and start becoming more ourselves – the difference is everything else will begin to change around us.”

This captures a lot of what we see in the world around us. People want to sit back and let someone else deal with the tough problems. A few sign up for that task, and most of them end up running a business and becoming the folks who make America work and keep the country growing. It doesn’t get better if we keep doing the same things the same ways. If we do that, we get the same results. WE have to CHANGE.

None of us like that word, not really. But it is critical if you want to earn more, have a better job, retire happy. You have to embrace change. You have to develop yourself – your boss can’t do it for you. Bosses can assist by investing in training, encouraging you, allotting time, and so forth, but far too often, even when those things happen, people won’t go to the work of improving themselves. It is work, but that’s what we get paid for, isn’t it?

Many people will argue, “Well I am not going to do that – it just benefits my company.” Or maybe, “why would I spend my own time to get better and learn more”. Here is a news flash – if you want more than what you have – you have to CHANGE. YOU have to CHANGE. No one can do that for you. So get over the idea that anyone else is responsible for your situation and get to work becoming more than you are today.

Written by RLO Training