Bottom-Line Impact Groups

We understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed, stressed and on your own.

The purpose of Bottom-Line Impact Groups is to bring together similar, non-competing independent auto repair business owners and key employees in an honest exchange of experiences, problems, opportunities and ideas at regular meetings.

Being part of the Bottom-Line Impact Groups is like having your own Board of Directors.
Surround yourself with others who have taken back their life, love going to work, and are making a difference.

Monthly Financial Composites

Every month, members receive a 30+ page comprehensive financial composite which provides all of the financial and management data required to maintain total control of their business. Group members compare their performance measurements to the rest of the Group and to industry benchmarks.

Personal One-on-One Coaching

The Group Facilitator is available to provide Group members with individualized coaching on any aspect of business. In addition to the coaching, access to the myriad of support materials is always available on the exclusive Group website.

Cutting Edge Training & Materials

Members benefit from the exclusive training and support materials they receive in every Group meeting. Topics range from business financial planning to marketing, employee relations to capital expenditures planning, and all meetings include extensive materials and handouts. Additionally, members have direct input on the topics being presented, so they will be both timely and relevant. No two Group-training sessions are the same, and this training is not found anywhere else.

Exclusive Member Website

Members have access to our innovative Members-Only web site. These powerful resources are password-protected and available only to Members.

Regular Meetings

The Groups meet for three days, three times per year. The meetings take place in different cities in order to review facilities of the members involved. These are meetings full of coaching, accountability, goal-setting, and of course some socializing in the evenings.

Ongoing Support

Group members work through different means to continue the support of each other between meetings. In addition to the Group Facilitator and RLO Training’s Group Support, members are assigned a partner with whom to continue working towards improvements in between meetings.

The web site contains many types of resources, from documents and forms to ideas and strategies that range over every aspect of business. Every resource in this web site has been proven to work.

BLIG Benefits

Individual Goal Setting – Facilitators work with members to determine, examine, and accomplish their individual goals for both business and life. Group members act as a Board of Directors for each other, providing insights for proper navigation of business through good times and bad. There is nothing more powerful than a well-directed team of minds focused on what is important for its members’ businesses.

Group Members strive to meet goals by encouraging accountability for each member. The Group provides insight and motivation to reach each target.

Shared Trust – Because of the unique structure of the Groups, all personal and financial information is protected and secure within the Group process. New members often feel uncomfortable opening up about their business, but they soon find that everyone in the Group supports and is dedicated to their success. Members soon realize how helpful the sharing process can be, and transparency is encouraged. There is a tremendous amount of trust that is shared by the members of the Group.

Guidance – While there are no guarantees in life, Group members see substantial growth in their businesses year after year, if they are willing to make the necessary, sometimes painful, changes. The support of the Group gives courage to change; it is often encouraging to know that someone else has had similar experiences and that the Group supports you.

Education – Group meetings are structured to educate members through different controlled segments of the meeting as well as time set aside to explore different areas as requested by members. The Facilitator guides each meeting to ensure that the needs of members are addressed. Many times, ideas discussed at the meeting need to be further discussed afterwards, and peer partners, along with the BLIG website, are great resources for continued learning.

Special Member Pricing – Besides the cutting-edge training Members receive at their Group meetings, they also receive special pricing for other training workshops put on by RLO Training.

BLIG Helps Shop
Owners Like You

“Imagine a small group of your peers – smart leaders in the after-market auto shop industry – committed to meeting with you several times a year to help you improve your business, profession, and your life, all in an honest and confidential climate. Scary? At times. Valuable? Absolutely!” says Dan Gilley, president of RLO Training and the Bottom-Line Impact Groups. Gilley owned a shop for 21 years and was a member of a Bottom-Line Impact Group for 4 of those years, and, Gilley notes, those were his four most profitable years.

Bottom-Line Impact Groups (BLIG) are personal advisory boards composed of up to 18 smart and successful shop owners who meet regularly to help each other improve the performance of their business and the quality of their personal lives. Each Group meets in person three times a year and the meetings are facilitated by industry experts. BLIG is designed specifically for business owners who are passionate about getting better and achieving dramatically better results in four areas:

  1. The performance of their business
  2. Their leadership and management skills
  3. Balance and quality of their personal lives
  4. Their personal and corporate relationship to community

“There is a real need for shop owners to truly manage their businesses,” says Gilley. “Shop owners need to look at their bottom line. BLIG operates on the premise that the best help a CEO can get is from a peer group of other CEOs in the same industry who are all deeply committed to helping each other drive growth and profitability.”

What the numbers reveal is that many of the 150-plus shops who belong to a Bottom-Line Impact Group consistently out-perform their competitors. The top performing BLIG Members are 2 to 3 times more profitable than the average competitor.

“Our group facilitators match up the needs of each potential member, and we provide unlimited coaching and resources to Group Members,” Gilley says. “It has been a highly successful program because peer accountability and evaluation is the ultimate goal. The ideas that have come from Group meetings are amazing. And the undying camaraderie, the personal relationships, and the success stories for Member shops are perhaps the greatest benefits from belonging to one of these groups.”

BLIG Training

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Cutting-Edge Training

There are three Group meetings scheduled per year. The purpose of these meetings is two-fold:

  1. To evaluate the host shop’s business and facility.
  2. To receive the latest, cutting-edge training available exclusively to Group members.

Meetings are hosted by the member whose turn it is to be evaluated by the Group. These three-day meetings consist of a facility and business evaluation conducted by the Facilitator and fellow Group members, as well as cutting-edge training workshops.

Competitive Advantage

The training sessions received by members at Group meetings are not available to anyone else in the industry. Members have important advantages over their competition: the combined experience, wisdom, and ideas of their Group, assistance and guidance from the Facilitator, and the countless resources on the Group website.

Industry-Specific Topics

The topics presented are industry-specific and geared towards improving members’ auto repair business. The topics are varied and range from business financial planning to marketing, employee relations to capital expenditures planning and much more.

Call to Action

Whether you are improving the flow of paper in your building or improving the flow of customers to your front door, building a new facility or building a team of good people, the Bottom-Line Impact Groups can help. The Facilitator and members have many years of combined experience with situations like yours, and they have solutions and advice for the challenges you face. Submit your application to the Bottom-Line Impact Groups today!