Advanced Selling Skills For The Service Advisor

For Owners, Managers, Service Advisors • 80 AMI Credits
5 days all-inclusive

In this day of intense competition, it has become imperative that Service Advisors take their selling skills to an advanced level.

Five days of intense, heavy-duty Service Advisor training and scrutinized role-play training helps convey advanced methods of selling vehicle inspections, factory-scheduled maintenance, diagnostic time, OE parts & holding your non-OE customary margins, and promotional credit and extended service contracts.

Service Advisors also learn to master overcoming common objections including pricing issues and customer complaints, proven up-selling techniques, building up hours-per-RO (HPRO), telephone closing techniques, building customer CSI, handling difficult customers and prospective customers, and much, much more.

Note: this is one of the most advanced, intense “heavy-hitter” workshops directed specifically toward Service Advisors and is presented in a face-to-face format only.