Rethink Your Content Strategy in 2018 to Get Noticed – Part 1

Content marketing and SEO are changing — quickly. Strategies that just a few months ago grew your organic website traffic simply aren’t as effective today.   Not too long ago, Google changed its algorithms and started using Google RankBrain. You may be wondering why this change was so critical! Let’s dive in! The Way We Search the Internet

How to Become Immediately Smarter

In 1906, an Englishman named Francis Galton attended a country fair. He was a scientist and he had a low regard for most people, particularly at this county fair. He noticed that there was a raffle taking place to guess the weight of the meat on a grown ox after the ox had been a

The Line Between Personal And Business Time Has Been OBLITERATED

The line between personal and business isn’t just going away – it’s been obliterated. How many of us are guilty of holding our children in one arm and checking our email on our phones in the other hand? There is really almost no distinction between personal and business anymore. When we talk to our clients,

What Do Your Employees Want?

What do your employees want? Let’s get over the first hurdle. They want money. Though actually, this is actually pretty low down on the list of things they want, based on most surveys and studies. Everybody needs to make the wage that best fits them. So, if I need to make $40,000 a year to