Peer Reviews

Deep dive into your business. Pull together all sorts of financial, sales, marketing, service, HR, policies, procedures, and the like for your team of peers to review. This preparation exercise in itself is often extremely valuable as it requires getting the house in order in many ways. The team then takes a look at things

Peer Power – So What?

At RLO Training, we know about the power of peers. Peers do make a difference. They change things. In fact, peer to peer interactions may be the single most neglected lever of change. Whenever significant numbers of peers interact, whether formally or informally, they constitute a force to be reckoned with. When they share mutual

Six Issues Every Business Faces

When we boil down the real issues facing businesses, it starts to look extremely familiar, no matter where your business is located, or in what field you do business. 1. We have to become sales organizations. It does not matter how great you are at repairing cars – we will have to sell some things

How Community Works

There is nothing with more power to change a business or a life than being part of a vibrant community. Community works. It changes people and businesses. And the reality is that it is one of the few real ways to see consistent and repeatable growth occur. One of the things I have heard somewhat

Working with People

For the most part, no matter what business you are in, you still have to deal with the one common wildcard – PEOPLE. People are part of our current situation and will be part of our future. It is the way it is so we might as well accept it. What are some of the